The layers of filling that made YOU

This is the first Five minute Friday with Kate Motaung, who has been given the baton by Lisa Jo Baker. I will go back to basics this week, and write for FIVE minutes only, and see what we can make of it. I need to get the rules back into my system…

Todays promt is FILL:


When I paint a painting, first I use some coverage(don’t know the right word for it), for the paint to “fasten” to the sheet.

Yesterday I tried two different “coverage-paint”, by mistake, and realized they made such a cool effect together. Then I paint one layer.  And then another.

Along the way, when I look at one layer at the time, I wonder HOW this is going to turn into something I can be satisfied with. The paint dries, and another layer is painted. And so on.

After some months experience, I’ve come to realize, that I don’t wonder “how this is going to turn into something good”.

I have come to realize how the layers fill and blend with each other, and together gives a beautiful expression.

Now, I wonder in excitement, how it all will turn out.

I think it is sort of like that with God, except the part of the unknown:

He knows how each layer will make the difference to the finishing.

Imagine we are made with many layers, and when you look at one layer without the others, you might wonder HOW it can be a good thing.

Perhaps it is that toe that you’re afraid to show, because it is queer. Or it might be that laugh of yours -the one that everyone notices, because it is different!

Whatever it is,

God put it there for a reason.

All God's work is GOOD

If you see it in the whole perspective, together with the other layers, I am sure you’ll find that it belongs with the rest of you, because:

together it makes a perfect you.

And if you DON’T see it, please ask God to show you.

If you ask I am sure He will show you (along with a little portion of patience).


Sarah Markley writes on (in)Courage:

“But there is always beauty from ashes and beauty from the dust. (…)He is longing to show us the beauty”

Also linking up with Holley Gerth’s “Coffee for your heart”


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