Five minute Friday: Home

This friday I didn’t really need to collect my thoughts: ‘Hmmm, what do I write about the word ‘home’? Should I write this? will I write that?’. No, This time I thought: ‘That’s Easy!’


Last night Ava Sophie met with her family: she went home. This family is not related by blood, but through God. It is her family in Christ. But that is not the only reason she felt home. She came home, because when she met with the congreation they came together in prayer. And the Lord came to them with his presence, and they were all home.

Ava Sophie thinks it is so wonderful to gather in prayer, to share Gods presence with loved ones. That it is amazing how God never misses out on a prayer-gathering! Where two or three gather in his presence, she knows that she can always count on getting his Word, feeling his peace, and LOVE.

For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” Matthew 18:19-21

Ava Sophie knows this very well, because every time she has gathered with a sister or brother, she always feels God’s presence. Still she is equally amazed every time: how indescribably wonderful it is to come home, just to be in our Holy Father’s presence, to lay in His lap, and feel His hand stroke her hair, to worship Him, give thanks to Him, and to just be silent before Him, to receive the peace He gives, feel the strength of His love. As if it couldn’t get better, she gets to share this experience with brothers and sisters. There seriously are NO words to describe it, Ava Sophie concluded. It can’t be imagined before it is experienced. It takes the term ‘coming home’ to a whole new level!


Ps! Prayer is severely underestimated!

Five Minute Friday


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