Five minute Friday: Ordinary

Ava Sophie is everything but ordinary. Problem is, she always longed to be ordinary.
She is not like everyone else. She can’t do what everyone else does. Yet, no one can see what’s stopping her from being like everyone else. From being ordinary.

Ava Sophie rarely bothers to take on her make up. She has blond hair and looks younger than she is. To add to that, her mental age might very well be ten years older than she is, but of course that would be bragging. She doesn’t really get along with most people her own age. She loves older people. She doesn’t dislike younger people or people at her own age. It just take a lot more to make her interested in them. Ava Sophie gets sick all the time, can’t study full time, her health can’t take a normal job. She can only work in a job that is really meaningful or give great creative satisfaction. She doesn’t think like ordinary people do, so she often says the wrong things, doesn’t always get why people get angry at her, and since it is a trend in society not say exactly what we think, she is simply not always equipped to guess it all… Her humor is a bit off. She doesn’t only have coarse humor, she also has internal humor, sometimes with her self. She used to talk to her self, now she talks to God. However, people still turn and stare on the streets since they see her talking without anyone being in the near vicinity. She sings at full volume in the street whether she is going to the bus, the store, the school, or whatever. She doesn’t follow the news, cause she gets anxious when it is not good. She spent all her time growing up doing homework, so that no one would notice her falling behind, rather than doing what ordinary kids did. This came back to haunt her when she grew up, as missing all the social activity, she hadn’t picked up all the ordinary knowledge, and humor. She always seems to find a way to stumble, even when there is nothing to stumble over. She can’t wear any clothing more than three hours before there is at least one(often many) very eye catching spot on it. She stutters, and mixes the words in her sentences(not only on paper), She is a bad storyteller(unless she gets paper and pen). She is vulnerable, sensitive and too much in connection with her feelings. She has had a really tough life in the sense:”something bad always happens”(true, not imaginary), that make her friends fed up with her, because there is always something wrong. When she starts to talk about something awful that has happened many think(and some say):’Oh dear, is she going to milk this one too?’

What Ava Sophie is really good at, is drawing, making up stories, writing long letters, reading books, painting, mixing colors beyond color theory, and it always works out. She is good at reading stories with empathy. She is good at understanding others, to feeling with others. She can be a good listener, but also talks really much(sometimes too much). She is really good at putting others before her, and she usually keeps doing it til she drops, and then is forced to take care of herself(usually the point when those who got used to her putting them before her start objecting and calling her selfish). She is great at being childish. Finding childish pleasures in little things, every day, everywhere. That would be when she laughs out aloud and someone on the street turn and wonder what is wrong with her. Or, better yet the time she just felt really happy about something: she jumped high in the air, waved her arms and feet, let out a howl of joy. The poor man that witnessed it when driving past her laughed and almost drove off the road. Ava Sophie is a girl who just has this wish to include everyone she cares for in her life. Her dream would be to get them all together in different social gatherings. Unfortunately, people prefer the ‘just the two of us’- part, and since she cares for many, there are many that are not satisfied with her priorities.

She has many more good qualities, but one of the things that make Ava Sophie not ordinary is that she has lived her whole life with depression, and now two years without it -she still needs more practice in thinking happy thoughts about herself. Since she also has lived a life full of(and ruled by) anxiety, she still has the daily fight going on figuring out new arguments for why she does not need to worry, or be scared. Having had(and still having a few) people in her life to tell her how awful she is and how she falls short, she also has the daily battle of learning how to receive Gods love(cause she time and again believes she is not worthy of it).
There are many more reasons as to why Ava Sophie is not ordinary. Why the society writes her off as weird, crazy, a fool…etc.


She has now found peace with not being ordinary.

Because God is about to make her extraordinary. He is not finished shaping her into what she is to become. He has great thoughts for her, and his great plans(plans of peace), do not need her to be ordinary, or to fit into Society. All she needs is to be ready to be Gods tool, to receive all of his gifts(mercy, LOVE, peace…etc) And she will have all she could ever need. She need only lay her trust, and life in his:

Matthew 6:32-34:

But seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.

No one is really ordinary, because in God’s eyes we are all unique. Whose opinion matters? People’s opinions, or God’s?

Five Minute Friday
I have to apologize: I spent an hour writing this, not five minutes.


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