Five minute Friday: Brave

Ava Sophie once got a message from her mom, which said something like: “I admire you for daring to believe in love”
Lately I’ve been thinking about what she said. She sees me as brave. For believing in love. Come to think of it, Ava Sophie remember that most times in her life she has had difficulties in believing in love, in accepting love. Until She met Jesus. That’s when she started to believe in love.

It didn’t make it easier to accept love, but she dared to believe love existed, and that it one day might be for her. Now she has met three types of love: The love she feel for her child, the love God wishes to give her(which she is working on accepting more often), and the love for and from a wonderful man she is about to marry. Two years ago she’d never thought she’d get there. If I had told her then what she had coming(of what she’s got now), She would have laughed at my face. But because she dared to believe(at first faint), it made things possible, and she opened up for what God has for her. But she agrees with her mom(for once;)): It is brave to believe in love.

An other thing she has thought of lately is some of her friends that laughs at her about her faith. They say it doesn’t matter to them what she believes in, that they respect her choice, but they still laugh at her and say that it’s only weak people that need to believe in something. Only people that can’t handle their life alone, that need faith. Ava Sophie disagrees with them. To her it is so difficult to believe, so difficult to stand firm in faith, so difficult to trust that somebody, something else got control in her life and will lead her on the right path that will give the best outcome in her life. To her it doesn’t matter that the someone/something out there is God and that God has created the world. Why would it matter, I still have to believe that God is good, that God is loving, that God is LOVE and that every expression of love has the out spring from God.

Ava Sophie has lived a life where many things and many people in her life failed her on one point or another. Yes, She is vulnerable. Yes, she needs to believe in something, to have faith. But there has never been a harder thing to do. To have faith in love, have faith in God, not to mention to believe that God loves HER, to have faith that life will turn out well, to give God the control in her life. That’s the part that is hard. The easy thing would be to keep on trying on her own, to only trust her self, not believing in anything. But it never made her happy.

Since she met Jesus, nothing has been harder than faith.

Nothing has ever been better before either.

Faith is bravery


Linking up with Lisa-Jo Baker in her Five-minute friday writing:

Five Minute Friday


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