Paint is a difficult word for me, because it’s impossible to choose WHAT to write about the topic in just five minutes(beware, it might take a little longer)…

I’m writing about this weeks one word prompt hosted weekly, every Friday by Lisa-Jo Baker, where lots of brave writers join in to write for five minutes flat, without editing or backtracking.


When I read the word paint it is like reading about me.

I am painted and I do paint.

It’s like reading about all my life, from an early age until this day. Because I do paint.

But most importantly I’m painted.

Last week, Kim over at Dappled Things shared a post from 5 of her friends, where Steph wrote about how we are a blank page in the book that is our lives, and how God writes our story. I thought it was a beautiful image, and it really made me think.


I see another image…

Where I am a canvas.

Where I am not a blank canvas, because I have my history.

In my history I’ve done stupid and bad things, and I’ve done good things.

After I met Jesus, got baptized and let He be the boss of my life, my canvas was made blank. Because when I was baptized, I died with Jesus, got a new life and a new identity in Christ.

But Jesus painted back those bits and pieces from my past that was me– the way he intended me to be.

He also keep painting new things on the canvas that is me. Sometimes He paint over something to make new, even more beautiful pieces of me. And all along the way, God sees me as perfect, because He sees me through my painter.

At the same time I am so highly loved that he can’t stop painting me until He has fulfilled His good work in me. It means I will be a painting with many layers.

(I, Paul, am)being confident of this very thing, that He who hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the Day of Jesus Christ. Philippians 1:6.


YOU were beautifully painted too, you know.

Lets shout for joy to the Lord, burst into jubilant song with music!Psalm 98:4

To celebrate the beautiful picture He is making out of the Canvas that is us!

To celebrate the life He has given!

To celebrate The Lord, Jesus Christ


-Ava Sophie
Five Minute Friday


Being a writer at heart

Today, I’m linking up with Lisa-Jo Baker and her Five Minute Friday group of brave writers that write for 5 minutes flat(more like 15 minutes for me) without editing.

Ava Sophie has always been a writer at heart.

But it is only lately she’s been brave enough to call herself that.

She bound herself with thoughts like, “How can you be a writer without having written a book?” and “How can you be a writer when you haven’t written for almost a year?”, or “How can you be a writer when you haven’t published anything?”. And perhaps the most “joy-killing” thought, “How can you be a writer when so many people out there write so much better than you?”.

Now, she is asking herself a different question, “Who?”

“Who is the creator of me?” God.

“Who created me a writer?” God.

“Who did He create me to be?” For now, Ava Sophie knows that He created her to be a girl, a woman, a mother, a sister, a daughter, a wife, a writer, an artist, a lover and a friend. But that doesn’t really answer the question. That answer describes roles Ava Sophie currently are playing, or juggling if you like.

God created Ava Sophie to be:


The How-question returns: “How can she call herself a writer?”

Because God created her with an urge to write, to share her thoughts.

I knows who I am IN CHRIST.

I know there is nothing I can do to deserve His love and sacrifice, but nevertheless, I receives it.

I accept this love.

By accepting this love, she accept who she is.

She is free to do what He has called her to do –to write(amongst other things), to share her thoughts, to share her life, knowing that if only ONE person is encouraged, if only ONE persons life is changed by that writing, she can proudly call herself a writer. It doesn’t matter if anyone write better, because no one can write the way she does.

Ava Sophie is created unique.

And so are you.

Raise your voice!

Five Minute Friday