Five minute friday: What Mama did

What Mama did:

The greatest of memories she had about her mother is all the traveling. Before they could actually travel somewhere, she gathered her kids a Saturday night and told them: “From now on, we are going away every Saturday night. We are going to travel to a country of of our desire. Lets start with one country of my desire tonight: China”

To China they went: First they made a boat out of the sofa, seeing that they lived on an island. They traveled on the boat, and went right in to a storm with high and scary waves. They screamed and clinging on to each other. Finally they made it through the storm, and they could take a quick bus ride to get to the airport. Naturally they had packed their bags in only 5 minutes before they left, and strolled them in to the airport. It was the most efficient check in either of them had been to, and suddenly they were on the plain. Seat belts were fastened and the excitement of being in China in only a while went over to a thrill when they lifted from the ground. They talked what they wanted to do the most in china and agreed that they were all really hungry. Walking on the floors of China, they found the first and best China restaurant and tried to order a meal in Chinese. Of course the kids had no idea what they ordered, and the waitress looked scarily similar to their mom. the waitress was dressed in a Chinese style blouse, and was very nice. She came with the dishes, and they all started eating a foreign meal. The night was magical and irreplaceable, Ava Sophie thought.

Years later, they could travel to places a little more real. Not many times, but once in a while. They got a few trips together before Ava Sophie grew up and moved out to her own apartment and her own life. The “real” travels were unforgettable as well as the made up travels. Ava Sophie and her mom has had a somewhat rocky relationship, but the travel-nights and travels was something Ava Sophie really appreciated amongst many things. Her mom was not in Christ, nor a believer, but in the traveling she taught Ava Sophie to open up her heart and mind, to dream about what seems impossible at the time, and to discover that dreams comes true if you are true to the dreams. She taught Ava Sophie to believe in what she did not believe herself. All this she taught Ava Sophie, without knowing it, and without knowing the consequences: that it would open her daughter to what later were to become an overwhelming strong belief in our Father, and his son, Christ Jesus. That’s a beautiful gift to receive and the most important. If she only new! This is one of the things that made Ava Sophie very grateful to her mom.

Some parents are better parents than others. This is a fact, without the need to start comparison each others parents. Thing is: The parent task is not meant to be perfect. That’s where God comes in the picture. There is only one perfect parent, and that is God. The rest of us are human, and will fail at some point. Luckily there is a thing called forgiveness. Things may not be easier for those parents who are in Christ, but they are led by The Holy Spirit, and are therefore more likely to be the kind of parent God meant the person to be, than those who are not led by THS. Note: There is a reason why the term “christian parent” were not used. Sometimes there can be a huge different to call oneself a christian and to actually be led by the Holy Spirit, and to live in Christ. But when all comes to an end, no human is ever supposed to be a perfect mother or father, because that role is only meant for our beloved God, our beloved Father: who always has been, is, and always will be a perfect father. And “he” is one of a kind. Watch Fathers love letter and find out HOW the perfect father is, and WHY he is the only perfect parent.

Five Minute Friday


2 thoughts on “Five minute friday: What Mama did

  1. What a wonderful way to come to the Lord. My parents are also non-believers and somehow I too was turned towards God and I feel as though if i had been “forced” as a chid I would resent faith now. What a truly wonderful gift :D


    • Yes, it is a truly beautiful gift! And I believe God uses those who don’t believe, as well as those who do. He used my mom, as well as your parents, to make his master plan for us come true: “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you an expected end.” Jeremiah 29:11


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