This post was supposed to be posted almost two weeks ago, with the Five Minute Friday writers at Lisa-Jo Bakers link up. Since it was already written(only forgot to post it, in the summer-haze), I couldn’t just not post it, though I know I am too late with the link up.


Did you know you can belong somewhere even though it feels so wrong? Did you know that sometimes that’s exactly when you know that you belong…when that’s the place you don’t want to be?

The devil wants to do everything in his power to get you off track. He will do everything in his power to spoil the plan God has for you, to confuse you, to make you listen to the wrong voices, etc. He has power, you know. But it is so limited power that all he can do is to scare you, convince you that you’re not made for this job, that you are not good enough, to break you down. That is all he can hope to do, because the Lord Jesus Christ has already won, and you and me have already won with him. So, if you don’t let him get to you he has no power whatsoever!

Sadly, Ava Sophie has a habit of letting the devil get to her. She struggles with a mission. A mission she doesn’t want to be on. Not because she doesn’t like the mission. She is convinced that she is not doing a good job, she can’t understand why she has been given this mission, because, surely someone else must be better fitted for the task. It is a mission where it is sort of unspeakable to talk about not wanting the task. In Society where it is not seen as a big deal to have this task, it is difficult to talk about feeling you’re not handling it well. There are so many people that make it seem simple, and there are so many people that see it as a blessing(and a blessing only it seems). Ava Sophie sees how it can be a blessing. But most of the time she can only see how she is failing. Not because she is a perfectionist, but simply because she cant handle causing those around her pain.

The mission Ava Sophie has been given is motherhood. It is a mission she doesn’t feel belongs to her. It is a mission she feels she is failing in. Which is why she wants to run from it. Even that thought gives her guilt that she has to carry on her shoulders. How is she supposed to handle any of this? Being a mother, carrying the guilt? The answer is: “she is not supposed to”.

This mission is given her, because she is the right person to raise her daughter. She is the right person to protect her daughter. She is the right person to handle the situations interacting with her daughter, whether it is about fear, love, passion, stubbornness, tantrums, etc. She is the right person to give this girl love, comfort and cheer her on in her life. Ava Sophie is the chosen one for the motherhood job given her. Sometimes being chosen is hard. Sometimes it comes easy. She bets that no chosen ones has ever gotten through what they’re chosen for without hard work, tears, and doubt (If so, please contact Ava Sophie…). But most definitely no chosen one can look back and not see happy moments where they wanted nothing else in those moments. Ava Sophie included.

God told her yesterday,

“I have chosen you for this. You are the only one for this job. But you don’t have to do this alone. You were never meant to. I am here to carry you when you are too tired to walk. I am here to take your burdens away from you. And I am here to tell you to put down that burden you are carrying. It doesn’t belong there. But, this task does belong to you. And you belong here, where I have led you. You belong here with the people I have placed you with. This is where you belong. And you WILL see what a blessing it is. Just around the time when you will let me help, and stop carrying it all on your own.”

Ava Sophie is not the type to surrender right away, she needs to think it over, test it, and be sure it is right, even when it is God speaking. She told God that if this really were from him, He needed to fill her with his peace. She slept on it. Peace woke her up and she once again let go of it all, giving it to God, embracing her “mission”.


So, have you figured out where YOU belong? Are you running away from it like Ava Sophie, or embracing it? Either way, God is there with you, waiting for you to take your next step. Have you gone through a similar process? Would you like to share your story with me? I would love to listen!

(Sort of) joining Lisa-Jo baker for her five minute Friday link up, writing for only 40 minutes this time… I guess that is progress(please help cheering me on) ;)

Five Minute Friday


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