Five minute Friday: Beautiful

Linking up with Lisa-Jo Baker and her FMF writers on this weeks prompt: beautiful.


The word beautiful can mean so many things. Watching people in a cafe´, I might sometimes see a person that stuns me with his or her natural beauty. I don’t even know the person. It’s not just about their looks, It’s about their appearance as well. It may be this person’s attitude, grace, the way he/she walks, their hair, face, body, etc. It doesn’t have to be the kind of beauty the television wants us to look at, but sometimes it may be so. I admit I get affected by the media sometimes(which is why I try to limit the media around me -to be conscious about what I watch or hear, how often and for how long).

Anyway, that’s one kind of beautiful. Then I have these people around me that just blow me away with their beauty. The sort of beauty that has nothing to do with looks. It is the sort of beauty that can only be found on the inside. These people make my heart jump, warm my heart when I think of them, they make a huge difference in other peoples lives, including mine. These people care so much about others and make a difference in the world, just by being themselves.

There is the beauty in the love a mother feel watching her child, either when the child crawls up in the bed to mom in the early morning, cuddling as close as possible, awake, but not yet ready to start the day. Or when this child has tears flowing down their cheeks, seeking comfort from mom for a hurt somewhere. Or even when the child is tomato red in the face, wet all over with tears, stamping their feet on the floor, frustrated and furious that he or she didn’t get his or her own way. I’m talking about the unconditional love here, the unconditional love between a child and a parent. The love God has given us, which reflects His unconditional love for us.

There’s more. There is the love between a man and a woman. One of the most beautiful things between a man and a woman is when they promise each other their commitment, trust, love, loyalty and invite God into their relationship. That is truly a beautiful act, a beautiful scene, and a beautiful way of practising love. That’s what God witnessed Ava Sophie and her husband giving each others last week…


Five Minute Friday


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