Five minute Friday: view


A few days ago, Ava Sophie discovered something. She knows she doesn’t have a good opinion about herself, that she is having a hard time accepting  love, and that she is working on that part with all her might. With huge rearranging  of her thoughts. And it takes a lot. But what she didn’t knew is how easy it could be. If she would only let it be easy.  The other day, God showed her something great.

Her fiancee has always told her good things, he has always told her how great she is. She didn’t think the same of herself, but appreciated him feeling that way. This day, he said something that really got her attention. She had asked him why he wanted to marry her, and his answer was: ” There are plenty of reasons, but one of them is that God told me you would make an amazing wife for me. When I already think so, and God has my back on this one, there’s no reason not to marry you”

This statement told her many things. It matters to him what God thinks. God is his counselor in all things. He think she will be an amazing wife. But most importantly: He saw her with God’s eyes. He saw through his invisible glasses, which gave him God’s point of view. And seeing her through God’s eyes, apparently, Ava Sophie is pretty amazing. She realized she also needed to put on those invisible glasses and see herself as God does. Suddenly she could see a different picture. Every time she forgets to put on those invisible glasses, she remembers how her fiancee looks at her, and then remembers to put on God’s point of view.


In God’s view, Ava Sophie is….




…daughter of God





… creative


If you put on the invisible glasses, what do you see about yourself from God’s point of view?

linking up with Lisa Jo Baker

Five Minute Friday


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