Five-minute Friday: Song


Just as I love writing, I also love singing(not so brave singing in public, but try walking into my home unannounced WITHOUT hearing me sing…). I love listening to music, can easily sit for hours just enjoying. I love reading, but can’t read a page without some music in the background. I am also one of those who can’t concentrate without music in the room(exams are a challenge for me on that one). From time to time, after I started to seek God(didn’t yet have faith), I made a few songs

The first month or two after I asked Jesus in to my life, I hummed on a few lines. They stuck with me all summer and goes like this:

Oh, Jesus, my lord

You saved me, and gave me everything

And more to come

And more to come

Later, when things got hard I gave a few more lines to God:

I come before you

with my load,  can’t carry anymore

Can’t carry no more

Please help me, Lord

The answer was:

You came to me and said

My child, I will not give you  more

Than you can bear

Than you can bear

This song lies deep in my bone marrow, and I sing it to my self now and again. Lately I’ve forgotten about this song, and it has shown in my life. I’ve forgotten something fundamental in my relationship with God

God has already given me everything, promised that I will not be without anything I need. He has even promised me he will give me more than I need. The load I’m carrying is mine for me, but for God it is not. He wants me to give it to Him. That way it is not mine anymore. He wants to carry it for me. And for those things I need to go through life to have growth, He will walk with me, carry me when I can’t walk myself, and most importantly, he will give me new strength every day, and make sure I won’t get more than I can handle in life. This is a comfort for me, because it means that I will have strength to go through everything I meet in life, even when t doesn’t feel like it.

Which brings me on to another subject: Holley Gerth says something about feelings in ‘You’re Already Amazing!‘:

‘imagine a little girl with a coloring book in front of her. Someone taps her on her shoulder and says, “Use this yellow crayon to draw a sun.” Then someone else pipes in and says, “No, use this red one to make a fire.” A third declares, “You have to make the water blue now!”She may have been coloring contentedly, but now she’s unsure. That’s how it often feels like  when many different emotions try to get our attention. How do we really make sure our hearts reflect what God wants us to see? Fortunately there’s another voice asking for our obedience and attention. It’s the voice of the One who loves us. He made the crayons. he made the coloring page. He alone holds the vision for what we’re created with and for him. So what are we supposed to do with all of the other messages we receive? Listen to them, but ultimately obey him. Emotions make great messengers but bad bosses. If we listen to what the messenger has to share with us, then turn to our heavenly Father and ask, “What do you want me to do?” all is well. ‘

I need to remember all of this when my life takes over and it feels like I can’t take any more, or like I am going round and around in a tumble dryer(going all to fast, stuck without getting anywhere, and hot because I want to get out, but don’t know how). The song above, which I am convinced God has given me, reminds me of all of this(without even being finished…), and it reminds me that I always have to turn to God, no matter what mood, situation or time in my life it is.


What’s your song? Do you have other things(poem, novel, letter, or picture) reminding you onto God’s path, when you are on your way  astray?


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