Five-minute Friday: Comfort


I’m thinking about comfort zones. Where is your comfort zone?

My comfort zone is kind of tricky. Imagine we draw a huge circle around me, with me in center. There are only a few selected persons that feels comfortable to have within those lines. Sometimes it’s only with those people I can be myself. Because of the hugeness of that circle and the limitation of my comfort zone, I don’t like to be at malls or shopping centers when it’s loads of people. I would get claustrophobic.  I might act weird somehow if there is many people around me at once, even if I know everyone well.

The beautiful thing is that I can feel God working on that part in me. I can feel the circle shrimp, I can feel comfortable with more people near me. And sometimes God just opens a window where I can let a new person in to my life, and within this circle, even without knowing that person well. God did this a few months ago. He opened a window where I could let a person in. I didn’t know this person from before, but I could feel that this person were a loving person, and a person that held God highly. Normally that is not enough to get within my comfort zone, but God made it possible. This person is now a huge blessing in my life.

The same thing happened a little over a year ago. God opened a window in my comfort zone, which made it possible to let a person in without really knowing the person. That person has now turned out to be my absolute closest one.

And what is the comfort zone all about? What do you think about when you read comfort zone? I have a bad habit of making my own definitions to words, but my idea of having a person within my comfort zone means:

I’m able to be myself(on any day) with that person, I can open up to that person, I am not afraid of what I may or may not say with that person. I feel comfortable with that person around me(on any day), I trust this person and I feel I am accepted for who I am by that person. All of this goes both ways of course.


Please share you’re thoughts on the subject. I’d love to read different views :)


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One thought on “Five-minute Friday: Comfort

  1. Glad I wasn’t the only one late to the party for the word Comfort. I don’t think of the people you describe as people in my comfort zone, but my safe people, people I can be myself, warts and all and I know they will still love and accept me. One of my best friends saw me virtually from day one at my worst, embarrasingly she had to cook the dinner the first time she came for dinner, months later, she cried over me, where I was and where she saw God wanted me to be. Praise God for sending safe people into our lives, and that He never leaves us nor forsakes us.


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