Five minute Friday: jump!


A young woman is about to get married. She feels like a little girl. A vulnerable girl that just discovered something about her fiancee´. Like vulnerable little girls tend to do, she gets easily scared. She pictures worst possible scenarios that might happen in the future, which this ‘discovery’ may lead to. In worst possible scenario. She’s scared. She fights the fear of by taking a hold on that courage she’s heard about.

With that courage, she can tell all of her fears to her fiance´.  He asks for forgiveness. He does not tell her she’s silly. He tells her: ‘I really understand you getting scared over that, I would have been too’. He does not tell her that he can’t believe she could ever think of him in such a picture. He tells her: ‘Thank you for telling me’. He tells her he’ll work on it, and that he only wishes her well. Best of all, he tells her he’ll search God for advice, forgiveness and healing. They talk it over and he agrees to talk with someone about it.

The reason this woman got scared, is not because any of it was a big deal. But, with her baggage, it was something she associated with something bad. It was not really a big deal, but if not put into the light it could be. By putting it into the light it will not be any threat. By giving it to God, He gets the opportunity to heal and change. The young lady takes a leap of faith, to God as her protector and counsel, and to her soon to be husband. She takes a high jump over the obstacles, so they can’t reach her, and continues on the journey that lies ahead of her. On the journey God has placed before her. On the journey of  growth. She is not so small anymore. She is not a little girl. She is a young woman taking action in her life, taking control over her fears, and steadily going on the road that will make her a relaxed (and fun-loving) grown up.

It’s simply  a realistic love story about faith, trust, respect, unconditional love and forgiveness.

An inspiration to get that courage is a song by Avril Lavigne:


Today I read something that reminded me of this story:

The prayer of the day, by unweiledwife

“May you show them how to invest into their marriage, whether it is a book they should read, counseling they should seek, or perhaps getting involved at church and serving together. Reveal to them the importance of investing into their marriage.

(…)Let your power transform their marriage and reflect your amazing love story in Jesus name AMEN!”

(just so I prevent myself from lying, I wont say how long this took me to write…)

Five Minute Friday


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